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Find Out What Larry Camp REALLY DOES KNOW

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James P.

"Well worth the read! You'll enjoy reading a very humble and honest perspective of one man's life journey that has led him away from the trap that so many of us fall into -- the trap of thinking that "my group is right, and everyone else is wrong." The book uses the author's unique life experiences, along with some fun wit and humor, to offer perspective on some of life's questions that we all face at some point."

Todd L.

"Great book that examines life told through experiences and very interesting observations. I share many of the same thoughts and humor as the author and enjoyed reading it. When my obituary is written I hope it can be as clever and meaningful as this book. Maybe Larry can write it for me! Aloha!"

Maui Girl

"Well written memoir explores a man's life with him seeking answers to all of common questions. Most importantly for the author, who was raised Mormon, is the question of religion and its' role in his life. Great sense of humor and manages to make the reader laugh out loud. I enjoyed this story and must admit it made me start pondering those big questions as well."

Cherie M.

"Just finished reading and I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed it. Great words of wisdom (my favorite-see chapter 21 Fifteen Keys to a Happy Relationship) wit, humor, love and acceptance and so much more. Having said the above, I also took comfort knowing I am not the only person from our generation to really read obituaries."

Priscila S.

Well Done!

"This book is essentially a memoir written by a thoughtful person who describes his evolution to adulthood.  It is well laid out in easy to read chapters which inform us of his views on life. I enjoyed it. Portions of it were funny and there were heartbreaking stories too."

Kerin C.

"This is a fun, interesting, quick read. The perfect beach book.

I appreciated the many insights into Larry‘s life, and ways of thinking.

I especially enjoyed reliving some of the memories and his chapter on being the planner.....

It is definitely worth the time to read.

Great job!!"

Dawn S.

"This book was such a well written memoir. I loved every chapter. It was so interesting and so honest - a book I will highly recommend to all of my friends. It was also very thought provoking - made me stop and think about the many different chapters in my own life. Great to read a book that was interesting from page one till the end."

Ken C.

"In "Nobody Knows" the author gives you a "peek behind the curtain" into his life experiences in a very honest, make no excuses way. He pulls no punches and shows you what makes him tick and at the same time gives the reader lots to think about. The author has a very much "I call it like I see it" perspective which at times makes the reader smile and other times causes one to pause and ponder .

In this unique book the author gives you an unvarnished look into how he dealt with one of the most difficult and painful experiences that a parent can ever go through. I think anyone who takes the time to read this will learn things about the author but will also learn things about themselves as well.

Full Disclosure: I have known the author for almost 30 years. Our children were friends in their younger years and I have had the pleasure on occasion over the years to socialize with the author and his wife from time to time. By reading this book I have gained a deeper insight into the author as I learned many things that I was not aware of. I realized that there was so much that makes him who is is.

After finishing the book I once again was reminded that each person has their own unique story to tell .We can learn valuable things from one another if we dare to go beyond the surface and explore the depths of one's soul. "Nobody Knows" is one such story."

Cathy S.

"I love how Larry is able to convey his thoughts and opinions with humor & insight, yet without judgement. Even if you don't agree with his point of view, you'll appreciate where he comes from and you may even begin to examine why you believe what you do. Great read!"

Jill T.

"What a great read! Funny, smart, thoughtful. Thoroughly engaging, and super relatable. Escaping into this memoir every night was a fun reprieve from the daily grind. Even my husband, who hates to read, enjoyed this book!"

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