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My guest appearance on the “Silent Presence” podcast.

I recently told my story of dealing with the loss of my son Dusty and other struggles that we as humans go through. Host Rich Patricia is a good interviewer and makes being a guest easy. If interested in adding a great podcast to your podcast library, visit Rich’s website:

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Nobody Knows Your Story podcast pushed back until April, 2020.

Yeah, thank you Coronavirus, AKA Covid-19. Unfortunately, I’ve had a difficult time connecting with podcast guests; enough of a problem to necessitate pushing back the start of Nobody Knows Your Story at least a month. To me it’s more important to have podcasts ready to “put out there” every two weeks and to do this,…

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Here’s the deal…

Aloha and welcome to Nobody Knows Larry Camp. As I am Larry Camp, I’ve got a pretty good grasp on what’s going on with me but even I don’t always know. What do I mean by this? Here’s the deal. I’d like to believe we’d be in agreement that one can gain information and perspective…

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